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Vintage Standing Shepherds Creche Figures

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These two Vintage Standing Shepherds Creche Figures, each with a white sheep on his shoulders, were made in the 1950's.  The 5" shepherd, at left, is in European Medieval style clothing of a mustard jacket with green sleeves, blue pants, and red shoes with tan knee-hi socks. He looks downward (presumably to the Nativity scene), as his sheep looks away. He stands against a green tree stump. There is a paper label for 25 cents from the Sprouse-Reitz Co. on the base. The 5" shepherd, at right, is dressed in Biblical clothing of a simple turquoise tunic with yellow belt.  He is barefoot.  He seems to be staring at the Star of Bethlehem in the sky, as his sheep looks down toward the Nativity scene.  The base is marked "29" in a circle and "Japan." Both Vintage Standing Shepherds Creche Figures are in Very Good condition.