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  • Vintage North African Enamel and Coral Pendant

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    This is an unusual Vintage North African Enamel and Coral Pendant, probably made by either the Berber or the Tuareg tribe.  Measuring 2.875" (73mm) long (including rings) by 1.625" (41mm) wide (including rings), it is a circle on top of a rectangle.  The circle has a navy circle with a deep green halo.  The rectangle has six boxes (each with a navy blue triangle or half moon on a deep green background), twelve applied silver balls, and a central irregular piece of coral in a silver toothed bezel.  Both pieces have a thin rope border.  There are eight attached rings (three on each side, one at the top and one at the bottom, which are part of a continuous bar that can be seen on the back).  The interior diameter of these rings is about 0.1875" (4-5mm).  The pendant hangs from a 5 double link chain.  Maker and exact age are unknown.  This Vintage North African Enamel and Coral Pendant is in Very Good condition with natural imperfections and minor wear from time and use.