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  • Vintage Horsman Composition Doll Arms

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    This is a pair of Vintage Horsman Composition Doll Arms from their 1940s "Enchanting Eyes" model.  Each arm has a chubby baby shape with a slight curve at the elbow and measures 5.5." long from top to curved fingertips.  There is a 1.25" by 1.125" opening at the top, where the arm met the fabric body at mid upper arm.  Both hands have curved, separated fingers with well-defined nails, dimples, and creases on the palm.  The paint is flesh toned with a slight yellow cast on top and a deep pink cast on the back and tops, suggesting that the paint has faded over time.  These Vintage Horsman Composition Doll Arms are in Very Good condition with no damage to the composition.  There is a minor surface crack along the outer seam line of the right arm and tiny areas of paint wear around the wrist of the left arm.  Ideal for doll repair or use in an art project.