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  • Vintage Bisque Dollhouse Mother Doll

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    This is a Vintage Bisque Dollhouse Mother Doll, measuring 5.875" high (or 1:12 scale).  She has a sweet face with black eyes, blonde eyebrows, round tipped nose, rouged cheeks, and red rosebud lips.  Her hair has been molded in a short, curly style  which frames her face and covers her ears.  Her figure has gentle curves, including subtle breasts and buttocks.  There is a small indentation at the base of her neck.  She is jointed at the shoulders and the hips with heavy metal wires anchoring her arm and legs.  Her hand and arm (of which she has only the right one) are a simple design with four of her fingers joined and rounded and a short separated thumb.  Her overall matte flesh tone varies from pale to medium pink on the arm.  She is wearing light blue ankle-high boots, which have an inverted "A" printed on the outside at the ankle.  She is unmarked and the maker is unknown,  Age is also unknown but was probably made in the 1920s or 1930s.  This Vintage Bisque Dollhouse Mother Doll is in Very Good condition with no damage or wear but missing one arm.