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  • Old Cast Iron Decorative Pieces with Lion Heads

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    This is a pair of Old Cast Iron Decorative Pieces with Lion Heads, which may have been originally attached to a piece of furniture in the Renaissance Revival style.  Each piece has a sleek leonine head (with whiskered muzzle, slightly open mouth, intent eyes and arched brows) on a striated curved neck and leaf pattern collar.  The curved chest has large and small shield-like areas surrounded by leaves, scrollwork, and a flower at bottom (the flower has been broken off of one of the pieces).  The intact piece measures 5" long, while the broken one is 4.625" long.  Both are 1.5" wide by 1.5" deep.  The metal is gray and has been patinated with a gold finish, which largely worn away on the broken piece.  Maker and exact age are unknown.  On back, there are two holes (a 0.15" one at shoulder level and a 0.1875" one at the level of the bottom of the large shield), which do not go through to the front of the pieces.  These Old Cast Iron Decorative Pieces with Lion Heads are in generally good condition with the damage to one, as described.  Ideal for use in assemblage or other art works.