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  • Carved Stone Fish Pendant

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    This is a Carved Stone Fish Pendant, measuring 1.125" (28.5mm) long by 0.9375" (24mm) wide by 0.1875" (5mm) thick.  The fish has an arched back and upturned tail, which gives it a sense of movement.  It has been carved into a deep gray green stone which, when held up to the light, has a translucence and a variegated pattern inside the stone.  It is not known whether this is some form of jade or another stone.  The surface on both sides has been etched with a curved gill, crisscrossed scales and a lined tail.  The fish hangs from a silver tone ring and pendant clasp embedded in its mouth.  Maker and age are unknown.  This Carved Stone Fish Pendant is in very good condition with no damage or wear.