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  • 1916 Illustrations by Milo Winter from Swiss Family Robinson

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    These are eight 1916 Illustrations by Milo Winter from Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss.  Milo Winter (1888-1956), an American book illustrator during the "Golden Age of Illustration," studied at the Chicago School of the Arts Institute and published his first illustrated book one year after graduation.  Over the decades of his career, he illustrated such classics as Gulliver's Travels, Tanglewood Tales, Arabian Nights, Alice in Wonderland, Aesop's Fables, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, The Three Musketeers, A Christmas Carol and tales by Hans Christian Andersen.  His illustrations were known for their masterful accuracy, humorous touches, personality and attention to detail.  All of these elements can be seen in these  brightly colored, active illustrations of animals and humans for a story that centers on a Swiss family of immigrants whose ship en route to Australia goes off course and is shipwrecked in the East Indies.  Images show attempts to catch a lizard and a fish; a raptor attacking a smaller bird; penguins and a walrus trying to escape the humans; a boa constrictor around a donkey; shooting a shark; and rowing their homemade raft.  Each illustration measures 6" high by 4.25" wide with off-white border and text quote in blue.  Borders vary in size, as some have been trimmed to remove edge damage.  These 1916 Illustrations by Milo Winter from Swiss Family Robinson are in Very Good condition with some minor staining and yellowing along the borders but with no damage to the images themselves.  Ideal for use in artwork.