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  • Women Ephemera Grab Bag

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    The Women Ephemera Grab Bag contains at least 20 vintage and antique pieces black & white and color ephemera, including etchings, engravings, illustrations, and/or photographs (such as photogravures, cartes-de-visite and cabinet cards).  (Some pieces may have more than one image.)  The women (both famous and unknown) are from many eras and are shown in a wide variety of postures and situations.  The ephemera is selected from a range of sources, including children's books and adult novels; history books; textbooks; encyclopedias and dictionaries; magazines; postcards and trade cards; and advertisements.  Text may be in several languages.  Source and date of each piece are enclosed. Each Women Ephemera Grab Bag is unique.  (Images shown here serve as examples only.)