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  • Vintage Small Afghan Tribal Pendant

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    This is a Vintage Small Afghan Tribal Pendant, made by either the Turkoman or Kuchi tribe. The base is an isosceles trapezoid, measuring 0.75" (19mm) long by 0.4375" (11mm) wide at the top and 0.75" (19mm) wide at the bottom.  It is embellished with five raised balls of which the center one is surrounded by a rope border.  There is also a raised herringbone-like border and two center lines.  There are six 0.375" (9mm) ovoid dangles on long links, one hanging from the base and five hanging from attached rings at the base.  There is an attached top ring with a 0.1875" (5mm) opening.  The pendant has a slightly golden cast with green oxidation.  It is lightweight, probably made from mixed metals such as Tibetan, Alpaca or German silver.  Maker and exact age are unknown. This Vintage Afghan Tribal Pendant is in Very Good condition with the imperfections that come from time and use.