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  • Vintage Silver Box Pendant

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    This is a Vintage Silver Box Pendant, possibly made in India.  Measuring 1.625" (41mm) high by 1.25" (32mm) wide by 0.1875" (5mm) wide, the front of the pendant has an abstract floral design made of applied diamonds and circles with a raised dome center.  The background is composed on veritcal columns of alternating ribbons and three solid/dashed lines.  There is a thin dotted border along the edges.  Two decorative loops, each measuring 0.125" (3mm) in diameter, are attached at the top.  There are also five horizontal holes, each measuring about 0.0625" (2mm) in diameter.  Exact age,maker and grade of silver are unknown.  This Vintage Silver Box Pendant is in Good Condition.  It does appear to have been worn and has minor dents and dings from usage and age.