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  • Vintage Silver and Gold Wash Filigree Butterfly

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    This is a Vintage Silver and Gold Wash Filigree Butterfly, originally created as a brooch.  The butterfly, measuring 1.75" (44mm) high by 2.25" (57mm) wide by 0.375" (10mm) deep, has a simple round head, dramatic antennae, and wing outlines made from 800 silver.  The body and interior of the detailed filigree wings are gold washed (vermeil).  The body has an upper section which look like filigreed petals, while the middle and bottom of the body has a wrapped rope-like appearance.   Each of the top two arched wings have four sections with two large silver swirls  Each of the two bottom arched wings are a single section with dense central lines.  All of the filigree is made up of tiny ornate gold swirls.  Maker and exact age are unknown.  This Vintage Silver and Gold Wash Filigree Butterfly is in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.  However, the brooch pin is missing which could be replaced.  Also ideal for jewelry re-purposing or art projects.