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  • Vintage Russel 12kt Gold Filled Scarab Gemstone Bracelet

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    This is a Vintage Russel 12kt Gold Filled Scarab Gemstone Bracelet, which was produced in the 1960's.  The 7.5" long bracelet has seven scarabs carved into semiprecious gemstones such as chrysoprase, tiger's eye, agate, carnelian, unakite, and onyx.  Each scarab measures 0.4375" (11mm) long by 0.375" (10mm) wide and has been set in a bezel-like frame with open back and attached side loops.  The front is carved with the abstract image of a beetle and the back has been carved with an M and star.  The scarabs are connected by seven 0.25" (6mm) striated gold filled links.  There is a spring ring closure and safety chain.  An oval gold tag reads "Russel  1/20-12K G.F. "  This Vintage Russel 12Kkt Gold Filled Scarab Gemstone Bracelet is in Very Good condition.  There is one tiny dent on the back of one scarab frame and the spring ring closure on the safety chain has been replaced.