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  • Vintage Red Brass Shield with Porpoises

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    This is an unusual Vintage Red Brass Shield with Porpoises, measuring 1.375" (35mm) high by 1.5" (38mm) wide by 0.125" (3mm) thick.  The piece shows two porpoises  (their snouts meeting at the bottom, while their double curved tails almost touch at the top) curved around a center slightly domed section.  The porpoises are beautifully detailed with bulbous foreheads, upturned mouths, swirling fins and scaled bodies.  The porpoise on the right has a swirled round eye, while the one on the left has a flattened round eye (which may have occurred in the stamping process).  The back has the inverted design but lies flat.  Maker and exact age are unknown.  This Vintage Stamped Brass Shield with Porpoises is in Very Good condition with only minor wear.  The brass has been left unpolished.