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  • Vintage Railroad Ephemera

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    This item consists of six pieces of Vintage Railroad Ephemera: (1) a 1941 foldout brochure for the Morning Daylight train in California, which includes a schedule, a map, two cyan photographs (Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal and San Francisco's Giant Bay Bridge), and information on special services: (2) a piece of letterhead from Acme Fast Freight, Inc. (with notes for party games) (date unknown); (3) a 21 page 1929 brochure for Kline's Universal Tours Deluxe (Fifth Annual Tours), which includes summaries of the tours, itineraries, black and white photographs (such as Mormon Temple, Grand Canyon and Old Faithful, two page map of the U.S. showing train routes, and a photograph of Kline's 1928 Yellowstone National Park, Pacific Coast and Alaska Special Train party; (4) and (5) two World War II notices from the Southern Pacific Company concerning interruptions in service and elimination of some facilities due to military use; and (6) a used 1956 Santa Fe lines ticket from Chicago to Fort Worth (with a map on back).  This Vintage Railroad Ephemera is in Good to Very Good condition.  The Santa Fe ticket had been glued into an album and parts of the page are still attached.