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  • Vintage Miniature Dollhouse Gaming Tables

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    This item consists of two 1:12 Scale Vintage Miniature Dollhouse Gaming Tables: a backgammon table by Hello Dolly and an octagonal poker table by MSR Imports.  The Hello Dolly Backgammon Table Set (Item#8531) is a rectangular medium brown wood table with two knobbed drawers which open.  It measures 2.75" high by 3.5" wide by 2.25" deep.  The top of the table has an inset black and yellow backgammon board on which red and white markers and two set of dice (red dots on white and black dots on white) have been glued.  There is a gold label reading "Made in Taiwan Republic of China."  The MSR Imports octagonal poker table (set on top of a square base) is made out of a deep brown stained balsa wood.  It measures 2.75" high by 3.875" wide by 3.875" deep.  The border has inset cup holders with a square area for holding game chips.  The center playing area is covered with black felt.  There is a red, white and blue label reading "MSR Imports, Inc. Made in Taiwan."  Exact ages are unknown.  These Vintage Miniature Dollhouse Gaming Tables are in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.  Some imperfections in the production of the pieces.  Ideal for a dollhouse, diorama or art project.