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  • Vintage Knights of Pythias Octagonal Fob Locket

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    This is a man's Vintage Knights of Pythias Octagonal Fob Locket.  The Knights of Pythias, the first fraternal order to receive a charter under an act of the United States, was inspired by John Banim's play about the legend of Damon and Pythias.  This legend illustrates the ideals of loyalty, honor and friendship.  These ideals are seen in the order's symbol -- a shield topped by a knight's helmet with three areas created by crossed swords and marked F C and B (friendship, charity and benevolence).  This symbol with a deep blue, yellow and red enamel background appears on the front of this locket.  There is also a ripple bordered rectangle, a striped background, and a decorative leaf-like border.  The octagonal fob locket, measuring 0.9375" high (including attached ring) by 0.75" wide by 0.125" deep, has a push button on top, which opens to reveal two black and white photographs of women (presumably the owner's wife and mother).  "HFB" is engraved in the border above each photo.  There are no other markings.  The back has no embellishments.  The locket appears to be made of a base metal covered with gold.  (It is not known if this is rolled gold, filled gold or gold plated nor the karats of the gold).  Judging by the photographs, it appears to be at least from the 1930's.  This Vintage Knights of Pythias Octagonal Fob Locket is in Very Good condition with no damage and no significant wear.