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  • Vintage French Castlebloc Set

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    This is a Vintage French Castlebloc Set (No. 7), which contains 65 wood pieces for creating a variety of castle designs and which comes in its original hinged, dovetailed wood box (16.75" wide by12.5" deep by2" high).  The pieces include: square, rectangular and arched natural wood blocks for the walls (some plain, some with ridges, and some with decals of open windows or open doors with a knight); cylindrical natural wood blocks for the towers and turrets (with window decals); red painted rings, cones and pyramids for the spires; red painted ridges for the battlements; red painted roofs; natural wood steps; and a blue painted wood flag.  According to the enclosed diagrams, 43 different buildings can be constructed with this set.  The exact age is unknown, but the clothing styles of the children in the tipped-in color photograph on the lid of the box suggests that these blocks are from the 1960's.  This Vintage French Castlebloc Set is in very good condition with only minor wear to some of the paint.  It is unknown whether any pieces are missing.