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  • Vintage E E Fairchild Animal Rummy Card Game

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    This is a Vintage E E Fairchild Animal Rummy Card Game, dating from the late 1950s or early 1960s.  The game consists of 40 cards, 4 identical cards with 10 different baby animal illustrations.  The illustrations include: a striped kitten playing with a blue ball of yarn; a seated brown bear with a pot of honey and bees; a fox jumping over a log; a blonde horse with white mane and tail standing in the grass; a seated panda bear; a blonde cocker spaniel puppy seated with raised paws and a red ball in its mouth; a squirrel with a nut; a frolicking lamb; a deer with a butterfly above its back; and a seated rabbit eating a carrot.  Each card, measuring 3.5" high by 2.25" wide, has a colored number (blue, red, green or black), rounded corners, and a turquoise and white gingham patterned back with the Fairchild logo.  The cards come in their original box, which has the deer and butterfly on front and "E. E. Fairchild Corporation Rochester, N.Y., USA 425" written on one side and on one sealing tape.  The other sealing tape reads "Litho in U.S.A."  This Vintage E E Fairchild Animal Rummy Card Game is in Very Good condition (including the box) and appears never to have been used.  One card has yellowed on the back.  There are no game rules.