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  • Vintage Cuffs and Hem Lace Trim

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    This item consists of Vintage Cuffs and Hem Lace Trim, probably removed from a dress in a matching ivory color.  All three pieces have the same design with rows of openwork and densely woven stylized flowers and geometric patterns.  The top of the trim has thread covered circles, while the bottom has a scalloped design formed from three-petaled flowers.  The cuffs measure 22" in diameter at the top flaring into 25" in diameter at the bottom and 7" high.  Each has a 4.5" opening along the seam line at the top of the cuff.  The hem measures 36" in diameter at both top and bottom and 7" high.  There is no seam but an opening with 3 fabric-covered metal snaps.  The lace is machine made but the manufacturer is unknown.  The Vintage Cuffs and Hem Lace Trim is in Very Good condition with signs of holes or tears.  The lace has yellowed over time but has no stains.