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  • Vintage Chinese Cutouts of Women

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    This item consists of four large Vintage Chinese Cutouts of Women, each measuring about 12" high by 8" wide.  These delicately rendered cutouts were hand cut into a tissue thin rice paper with either scissors or knife in an old folk art tradition found in rural China.  The Chinese historically have used cutouts for entertainment, decoration for doors, windows and walls (particularly during celebrations), and the warding off of bad luck (particularly those that are cut into red paper).  One of the most popular themes for these cutouts were characters from the stories of traditional Chinese opera.  These four cutouts may reflect this theme. They have been inked in a range of vibrant and pastel colors which accentuates the movement of each woman. A gold floral headdress has been added to each figure.  The cutouts include: a woman in a yellow skirt who is standing on a white cloud and dropping flowers from a basket; a woman in a blue gray floral skirt who is standing on a pink cloud and grasping a pink box or ball(?) in her raised hands; a woman in a blood red robe who is standing on ocean waves; and a woman in a blue gray cloud filled robe who is standing on a pink cloud and holding up a tray with fruit and pitcher.  Exact age is unknown, but these were probably produced during the 1960's.  These Vintage Chinese Cutouts of Women are in very good condition with no signs of damage or wear.  There is some natural bleeding of the inks.  It is recommended that they be framed due to the very fragile nature of the paper.