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  • Vintage Chanel no 22 Bottle and Box

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    This is a Vintage Chanel no 22 Bottle and Box, probably produced in the 1950's.  This clear glass bottle, which is empty, stands 3" high by 2" wide by 1.25" deep, has angled edges and corners, a frosted neck, and a rectangular octagonal faceted stopper.  There is a simple white paper label with the words "No 22 CHANEL Paris" in black.  The bottom is embossed with "Chanel" and "France" at the center and "23" on the left hand side.  The accompanying off-white and black bordered heavy cardboard box measures 3.1875" (81mm) high by 2.375" (60mm) wide by 1.25" (32mm) deep.  On front there is a paper label identical to the one on the bottle which has been split in half.  The top is printed with "CHANEL" while the bottom reads "Extrait P M No 201 Made in France."  This Vintage Chanel no 22 Bottle and Box are in very good condition with no damage or wear.  The paper on the box appears to have discolored slightly over time.