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  • Vintage Brass Oil Jug Mezuzah

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    This is a Vintage Brass Oil Jug Mezuzah, measuring 4" high by 1.5" wide by 0.3125" deep.  The oil jug has a sinuous spout and handle, a three ringed neck, and an inverted teardrop shaped body embossed with the Hebrew letter SHIN, which stand for Shomer Dlatot Israel ("Guardian of the Doors of Israel").  The finish is a matte black with the brass showing through on the spout, neck and letter.  The back is marked "Made in (Is)rael" and has the number "P.1540."  The back has a compartment with a metal flap which contains a scroll.  Manufacturer is unknown.  It is believed that this mezuzah was made in the 1960's.  This Vintage Brass Oil Jug Mezuzah is in Good condition.  There is no damage and only minor wear, particularly on the brass surface of the spout.