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  • Vintage Barclay Lead Soldier with Green Helmet

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    This is a Vintage Barclay Lead Soldier with Green Helmet, measuring 2.75" high by 1.25" wide by 0.75" deep.  Made of antimonial lead, this soldier is shown in mid-stride with his left leg forward and his hands at his hips.  He is wearing an olive drab U.S. uniform with a reddish brown belt (on front) and a deep green M1 helmet.  He has what collectors' call the podfoot (each foot appears as a flattened rounded blob).  He has a cartoonish face with tiny dotted blue eyes and a red mouth (painted slightly off-center).  He was made by Barclay Manufacturing of New Jersey, which was in business from the 1920's to 1971.  The podfoot and the color of his uniform date the manufacture of this soldier to between 1951 and 1964.  This Vintage Barclay Lead Soldier with Green Helmet is in Better Than Good condition.  There are some small areas of chipped paint on the tip of his nose, his chin, the top of his left hand and the top of his helmet.