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  • Vintage Banjara Silver Hair Tassel Caps

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    This item consists of five Vintage Banjara Silver Hair Tassel Caps which were traditionally worn by women of the Lambani Tribes of India.  Each bell-shaped tassel cap is unique in design and size.  Design variations include side patterns (plain, puckered or striated), number of rope-like bands (two or three at the base), number of loops (four or six), patterning on loops (from plain to floral), and neck size (from 0.25" to 0.3125" in diameter).  One cap still has three of its four ball dangles.  In addition, there are two unattached leaf-shaped dangles.  Sizes vary from 1.125" high and 1" in diameter to 0.75" high and 0.625" in diameter.  Caps are silver tone, probably coin silver, and, being handmade, have natural imperfections.  Makers and exact ages are unknown.  These Vintage Banjara Silver Hair Tassel Caps are in Generally Good Condition.  They have been used and show signs of wear.  Ideal for re-purposing.