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  • Victorian Style Bisque Dollhouse Reclining Girl

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    This is a Victorian Style Bisque Dollhouse Reclining Girl in the 1:12 scale.  She measures 4" long by 2" high by 2" wide (at her full skirt).  Her head, hands, and lower legs and feet are made of bisque, while her body feels to be filled cloth.  She has a sweet face with painted dark brown eyes; pale brown eyebrows; black eyelashes; an upturned nose; rosy round cheeks with dimples; and a full-lipped pink mouth which is faintly smiling.  Her synthetic hair is pale blonde, which has been pulled back from her face and secured with a large pink bow.  Five long corkscrew curls cascade down her back.  She is positioned to be reclining on the floor and doesn't appear to be movable.  She has delicately defined hands (palms up and in a cupped position) and raised bare feet with articulated toes.  She is wearing a Victorian style dress in a blue and white stripe with lace details (large collar, cuffs, and layered skirt) and pink ribbon details (belt and skirt).  Underneath her dress, she is wearing white bloomers with laced cuffs.  She is unmarked.  Maker and age are unknown, although she is clearly a contemporary doll.  This Victorian Style Bisque Dollhouse Reclining Girl is in Like New condition with no signs of wear or damage.