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  • Victorian Style Bisque Dollhouse Baby

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    This is a Victorian Style Bisque Dollhouse Baby in the 1:12 scale.  She measures 2" high (in the seated position) by 1.4375" wide by 1.25" deep.  She is completely made of bisque with jointed head, arms, and legs.  She has a sweet face with painted dark brown eyes (looking off to the side); black eyelashes; a small, button nose; a painted rosebud mouth; and rounded cheeks and chin.  Her hair is pale blonde, set in curls, and appears to be synthetic.  Her hands have cupped fingers and her legs have the pudginess of a baby.  She is wearing a Victorian style white bonnet with lace edging and tied with a pink bow and a white romper with lace edged sleeves, pink edged leg openings, and pink belt.  She is carrying a 1" bauble toy of a bear's head on a stick, wrapped with a pink ribbon and bowed.  The bear's face has painted eyes with lashes, a black button nose, and a Y-ed black mouth with red tongue.  The toy is attached to her hand with museum wax and can be removed.  She is unmarked.  Maker and age are unknown, although she is clearly a contemporary doll.  This Victorian Style Bisque Dollhouse Baby is in very good condition with no signs of wear.  There is a yellow stain on the bottom of her romper which may or may not be original to the doll.