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  • Tintype of a Man with Mustache and Beard

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    This 19th century Tintype of a Man with Mustache and Beard shows a three-quarter length studio portrait of a seated middle-aged man with a thick mustache and 5" beard.  He is wearing a long jacket, plaid vest, white shirt with a single button at the collar, and striped pants, all typical of clothing in the 1860's.  His long, narrow face looks away from the camera with no expression.   His pale eyes look quite blank and his hands, which rest in his lap, are in fists.  It is possible that this a death photograph.  The background is empty, except for what look like a twisted swag of fabric at the top.  The sepia-toned photograph is in a simple 4" x 2.5" off-white matte with an arched and gold bordered opening.  There is the original paper backing which appears to have come from a newspaper of the day.  This Tintype of a Man with Mustache and Beard is in very good condition with no creases to the tin and no damage to the emulsion.  Irregularities along the edges (which do not affect the portrait) appear original to the tintype.