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Tintype of a Civil War Toddler in an Embossed Mat

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This is a Tintype of a Civil War Toddler in an Embossed Mat.  The child, who looks to be about two years old, has been seated in a child's chair.  It is not known whether this is a boy or a girl as the hairstyle and dress at this age were very similar.  The child has hair worn just below the ears and parted in the middle.  The design of the dress is typical Civil War child's attire and embellishment (striped sleeves, hem and dress bib). The child appears to be pouting with furrowed brows and the right hand stiffly sitting on top of the left.  The cheeks have been hand painted pink.  The tintype is enclosed in a 3.9375" high by 2.4375" wide ivory mat with an embossed geometric and leaf oval border.  The photographer and exact age of the photograph are unknown.  This Tintype of a Civil War Toddler in an Embossed Mat is in good condition.  There is some horizontal crazing, particularly across the area of the dress, but no missing emulsion.  The top of the tin is slightly dented, which can be seen above the head of the child, and rusted, which can be seen on the back.  The mat is stained, while the paper backing is cracked but still able to hold the tintype in place.  Ideal for art projects.