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  • Tibetan Silver Prayer Wheel Pendant

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    This is a Tibetan Silver Prayer Wheel Pendant with Om Ma Ni Padme Hoon, the mantra for wisdom and compassion (in the center), and eight auspicious symbols (four at the top and four at the bottom) -- the Lotus (symbol of absolute purity and compassion; the Parasol (symbol of protection and royalty); the Victory Banner (emblem of Buddha's enlightenment); the Conch Shell (emblem of power, authority and sovereignty); the Golden Fishes (representing happiness, fertility and abundance); the Dharma Wheel (symbol of spiritual and universal law in Buddhism); the Knot of Eternity (symbol for the meditative mind); and the Treasure Vase (the divine vase of inexhaustible treasures).  Each end is decorated with a unique design (a flower with 8 petals on top and a double dorje on the bottom).  The bail has a pointed top with a 0.375" (9mm) ring and a notched circle at the bottom. The pendant measures 1.75" ( 44mm) long (with the bail) by 0.625" (16mm) in diameter.  The cylinder is hollow, meant to hold a printed mantra scroll which is missing.  This prayer wheel was hand made, probably in Nepal.  The grade of silver is unknown.  This Tibetan Silver Prayer Wheel Pendant is in Very Good condition and appears never to have been used.