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  • Three Turn of the Century Class Photographs

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    This item consists of Three Turn of the Century Class Photographs, each with a mix of girl and boy students and teacher(s) taken outside their school buildings.  One deeply sepia toned photograph, measuring 5" x 8" (on 6.5" x 9.5" gray mat board which is cracked along the bottom edge), shows 30 students with two teachers posed in front of a brick wall.  Many of the girls have Edwardian high necked blouses, long skirts, elaborate jewelry, and high button shoes.  Many of the boys are in suits with vests, ties, and lapel ornaments.  A male teacher stands at right, unsmiling, with his left hand on his hip, while a female teacher stands at right, smiling broadly. A girl in the front row, who is wearing a sailor style blouse, has had her name written in pen across her skirt (only "Mary" is decipherable).  The two other photographs were clearly taken at the same school (with clapboard siding, a large hinged door and an outhouse in the background at right), possibly in two different years.  Both photographs measure about 6" x 8" (on trimmed gray mat boards measuring about 7.5" x 9.5").  They appear not to have been toned and the white areas have yellowed over time.  One shows  35 boys and girls of varying ages with an older female teacher at right.  Many of the girls are dressed in low-waisted dresses (some with plaid prints ornamented with large collars and bows), high button shoes, and braids or bows in their hair.  Many of the boys are in double-breasted suits with short pants and high button shoes.  The third photograph shows 31 students of varying ages (older than the children in the previous photograph) with a male teacher who is standing in the top row at left.  Clothing styles are similar to those in the previous photograph with the older girls wearing Edwardian style blouses and Gibson Girl hairstyles.  All Three Turn of the Century Class Photographs are in good condition.  There is some minor edge or corner damage to each, as well as small areas of surface wear and light spotting.  Ideal for art projects.