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  • Sword and Scale Painting from a Masonic Robe

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    This is a Sword and Scale Painting from a Masonic Robe.  Painted on to a deep crimson silk fabric, the image shows a two-panned scale balancing on a center sword which stands on a series of rectangular floor boards.  The blade is blue with gray highlights, while the pummel, twisted grip and guard are in brown with gold details.  The scale has a brown with gold details crossbar from which hangs two deep brown simple cup-shaped pans (with tan highlights) on three brown and gold cords.  The floorboards have been painted in shades of deep olive green (in the background) and light brown with a rosy cast (in the foreground) with deep brown lines of separation.  A deep brown shadow of the sword blade angles off to the right of the floor.  The plain background shades from deep olive green on the left to a pale gold on the right.  The whole image has been washed over with a blue gray tone (giving it an air of mystery) and ringed with a 0.375" wide bright gold oval border.  The painting measures 6.5" wide by 5.5" high.  Maker, area of origin, and exact age are unknown.  This Sword and Scale Painting from a Masonic Robe is in Very Good condition.  There are several small red cracks, where the fabric shows through, but these do not detract from the overall image.  A very interesting piece.