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  • Silver Native American Eagle Dancer Necklace

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    This is a beautiful and expressive Silver Native American Eagle Dancer Necklace.  Among Native Americans, the eagle is revered as a symbol of wisdom, strength of vision and heart, and higher consciousness.  It is believed that the eagle can move between heaven and earth and, therefore, transport prayers to the gods.  The dance is performed when divine intervention is needed and also for friendship creation and the curing of sickness.  In the Pueblo cultures of New Mexico, the dancer emulates the movements of the eagle, dressed in the bird's feathers which are sacred; a woven kilt with a decorative belt in red, green, black and white; and a bird-like mask.  This pendant, measuring 1.25"  (32mm) high by 1.3125" 33mm) wide, shows the dancer with raised arms, spreading his wings, and with his left leg bent in movement.  He wears the traditional kilt and mask.  He appears to be bare chested.  Interestingly, the pendant is detailed on the front but abstract on the back.  It is silver, probably sterling, but is unmarked.  The dancer hangs on two rings from a 15.75" chain composed of 0.125" (3mm) long silver tubular beads.  On each side of the dancer, there is a 0.125" (3mm) tubular turquoise bead and two 0.8375" (2.5mm) round silver beads 1" away from the wing tips and the same round silver bead at the wing tip.  There is a screw closure.  Maker and age are unknown.  This Silver Native American Eagle Dancer Necklace is in Very Good Condition with no damage or wear.