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  • Rajasthan Banjara Medicine Pouch Style 3

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    This is an old Northern Indian Rajasthan Banjara Medicine Pouch Style 3 with large, round mirrors; embroidered background; large, decorative tassels; and cowrie shell embellishments.  The pouch measures 3.5" long by 3.75" wide.  Its pale red and earth tone textile base has been handwoven and vegetable dyed by women of the nomadic Banjara tribe.  Originally, each side had five hand blown glass mirrors, measuring from 0.875" to 1.25" in diameter, with embroidered borders.  One side is still intact, while the other is missing three mirrors.  Geometric concentric patterns are embroidered around the mirrors in tones of aubergine, tan and deep blue.  Three large tassels, each measuring 2" long by 1.75" wide, are composed of pewter gray stamped metal caps and beads; hand woven fabric squares with embroidered borders in aubergine; and bundled and bound red threads.  There are two pull cords of twisted red, green and tan threads with three cowrie shells attached at the ends, which extend 7.5" from the purse.  These old medicine pouches are rapidly disappearing, as they are being cut up to make contemporary bags.  This Rajasthan Banjara Medicine Pouch Style 3 is in Good Condition, given its age and use.