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Photo Button of a Young Girl

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This is a sweet Photo Button of a Young Girl, who looks a bit like Shirley Temple with her curly hair, short dress, and mischievous grin, as she coyly looks away from the camera.  She sits with her left leg tucked beneath her and her right hand cupped.  Due to the soft focus of the photograph, it is difficult to see what she is holding.  The sepia-toned oval portrait has a pale yellow-green floral background and a white pearlized frame with rounded corners.  The photo button measures 8" high by 6" wide on the outside edges.  This Photo Button of a Young Girl is in good condition.  However, the photo is separating from the backing and there is three cracks in the bottom of the plastic covering.  The back is black velvet.  This Photo Button of a Young Girl is in good condition