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Philip Pearlstein Painting to Watercolors Catalog

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This is a 1983 paperback edition of Philip Pearlstein Painting to Watercolors Catalog, published by the Gallery of Art/Department of Art, Cedar Falls, Iowa for an exhibition held at the University of Northern Iowa and Washington State University.  This catalog has 27 photographs (14 in color) of Pearlstein's work completed between 1972 and 1983.  The work shows his classic nudes, as well as architectural images such as "View of Rome," "Temple of Paestum," "Temple at Abu Simbel," "Sacsahuaman" and "Tintern Abbey."  This 11" by 8.5" catalog has 44 pages, including an essay by Sanford Sivitz Shaman, director of the Museum of Art at Washington State University.  Text is in English.  This edition was limited to 3,000 copies.  This Philip Pearlstein Painting to Watercolors Catalog is in good condition.  The edges of the pages have slightly yellowed, particularly on the covers, but the spine is in tact.  There is a bookplate attached to the inside of the front cover and a letter from Washington State University Museum of Art taped to the initial page.  (ISBN: 0-932660-08-8)