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  • Oversized Hand Painted Tintype of a Young Couple

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    This 19th century Oversized Hand Painted Tintype of a Young Couple measures 10" high by 7.75" wide and has extensive hand painting.  The studio portrait shows a woman standing beside a seated man with one of her wrists resting on his shoulder.  The man holds his coat lapel with one hand and his thigh with the other.  Both look straight at the camera, unsmiling.  The woman is dressed in a deep olive green dress with a white collar, which is embellished with two narrow black vertical center stripes from neckline to thighs, six deep black wider vertical stripes on the black lower skirt, and one horizontal stripe near the hem.  She has an olive green high topped, short brimmed hat with blue-gray highlights.  A gold circle pin and cross are attached to her collar.  The man is wearing a three piece suit with wide lapels in deep olive green.  His narrow collared white shirt has gold buttons.  Shadows have been added to the clothing in deep black.  Both their faces and their hands have been painted in a light flesh tone with their cheeks and lips tinted pink.  The man's eyes have been painted light blue with drawn in outlines and pupils.  The woman's hair in a simple style is a deep dark brown, while the man's hair, moustache and beard are a deep blonde.  The studio backdrop has been painted in a blue-gray with deep green abstract foliage and brown floorboards.  The chair legs have also been painted brown.  It is not known if this tintype was hand painted at the time the photograph was taken or overpainted later when the surface of the photograph had tarnished.  This Oversized Hand Painted Tintype of a Young Couple is in excellent condition with no signs of damage or wear.