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  • Old Japanese Gilt Copper Floral Decorations

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    This is an unusual pair of Old Japanese Gilt Copper Floral Decorations.  Measuring 2.5" long by 1.0625" wide by 0.25" high, each raised decoration has a center flower, possibly a peony, with symmetrical groups of leaves on each side.  The background is made up of rows of small dots surrounded by a plain rectangular border with pointed ends.  The piece is slightly curved and has two holes for attachment (each within the leaves).  The back reveals the gilt over copper composition.  The use for these decorations is unknown, although they may have been created as embellishments for a scroll or a sword (an object with a cylindrical form).  According to the original owner, these decorations were purchased from Japan and sold as New Old Stock from the 1920's.  These Old Japanese Gilt Copper Floral Decorations are in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.