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  • Old Indian Wood Textile Printing Block 2

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    This Old Indian Wood Textile Printing Block 2 has a design composed of two differing horizontal rows: one row has an eye-like open pattern with arched pupils and five arrow-shaped lashes, while the other row has an abstract diamond shape made from two V-ed sets of three leaves  with a corresponding thin border.  The block measures 4" high by 6.25" wide by 1.125" deep with a 0.875" deep attached carved handle on back.  The top and bottom edges are flat, while the sides are irregular to create the interlocking pattern.  Maker, type of wood, and exact age are unknown.  India has a long history of creating textiles using wood printing blocks, which are made from woods such as teak, sycamore and pear.  They are hand carved following a design that has been created with chalk paste or pencil on paper.  They are then soaked in oil for 10-15 days to soften the wood.  Once the blocks are ready, they are dipped in color and pressed on fabric repeatedly.  The charm of the blocks and their impressions are the tiny variations and imperfections.  This Old Wood Textile Printing Block is in Very Good Condition, particularly given its age and use.  It does have minor areas of wear and the wood has become saturated with a vermilion colored dye.  Ideal for decoration or use in an art project.