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  • Old Copper Batik Tjaps with Floral Design

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    This Old Copper Batik Tjaps with Floral Design was made in Indonesia and used for applying wax in the batik fabric process.  Copper is used because of its excellent conducting properties, which help keep the wax liquid for a long time.  Artisans still exist who know how to make the tjaps, charging $200-300 for a made to order stamp.  Measuring 9.75" wide by 5.5" high by 1" thick, this tjaps has a stylized design made up of nine interconnected dotted petals around an empty fluted center with three separate nestled leaves on the side.  The "dots" are 0.375" lengths of heavy copper wire attached to a winding base.  The tjaps is strengthened with a gridded metal base and a metal diamond with cross on back.  A 10.5" long by 2" high by 1.125" wide handle is attached on back.  Maker and exact age are unknown.  This Old Copper Batik Tjaps with Floral Design is in Very Good Condition.  Its small dents, imperfections and vestiges of wax indicate that it has clearly been well used.  It has rusted over time.  Ideal for decoration or use.