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  • Old Carved Coral Ganesha Amulet

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    This Old Carved Coral Ganesha Amulet was probably made in Tibet.  Measuring 1.125" high (without the loop) by 1" wide, the amulet shows a standing Ganesha, the elephant god, wearing a loincloth.  He appears to be standing on a lotus flower and is surrounded by multiple rays.  He holds an object in both hands, possibly his broken tusk and a conch shell, which are two of his attributes.  He is worshiped as the creator and the remover of obstacles and considered the God of success, education, wealth, and prosperity.  In the literature, he is often described as being red in color so it is not surprising that he has been hand carved in a deep red coral with a vermilion undertone,natural imperfections and no apparent color enhancement.  In addition, in both Hinduism and Buddhism, coral is linked to spirituality.  The amulet is set in a simple silver frame (the grade of silver is unknown), which has been notched for closure at the base and adorned with a 0.1875" attached silver ring at the top.  Maker and exact age are unknown.  This Old Carved Coral Ganesha Amulet is in Generally Good condition.  There is what appears to be an old crack which crosses diagonally under his trunk.  It is primarily visible under a magnifying glass and does not effect the integrity of the stone.