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  • Old African Bronze Hairpin with Grasshopper

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    This is an Old African Bronze Hairpin with Grasshopper, which was cast by the Lobi people of Burkina Faso using the lost wax method.  These hairpins are not only for ornamentation, but can indicate a person's social status or offer access to the spirit realm.  They were used not only to dress hair but to clean small wounds, remove chiggers, and care for nails.  They were also exchanged as gifts between lovers. Measuring 3.75" long by 1.625" wide (with a 1.75" stem), the hairpin shows a tilted grasshopper seated on a platform of  four rings in various sizes (with the largest front ring raised on one side and with one ring split in two) and  four spirals, which may represent water or the water lilies which bloom after abundant rains.  The grasshopper has large eyes and two sets of striped wings, while the base has raised concentric circles.  There are natural imperfections which have occurred in the casting.  Exact age is unknown.  This Old African Bronze Hairpin with Grasshopper is in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.