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  • Morimura Brothers Bisque Baby Doll Head

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    This Morimura Brothers Bisque Baby Doll Head has blue-gray glass sleep eyes; indented temples; hand painted features including black upper and lower eyelashes, light brown eyebrows, red rosebud lips, and pink tinted cheeks; an open mouth with four upper teeth; pudgy cheeks and double chin, both with dimples;  thick neck; and detailed ears.  It is a truly beautiful rendering of a baby's head.  The head measures 5" high and 13" in circumference.  It is marked on the back of the neck with an MB and the Morimura Brothers symbol inside of a circle, which has a 2 on top and Japan and 1 0 on the bottom.  This head was imported between 1915 and 1922 by the Morimura Brothers, a Japanese company based in New York City who supplied German-like bisque head to the American market.  This Morimura Brothers Bisque Baby Doll Head is in very good condition with no cracks or chips.  The paint for the eyelids has largely worn away but could be easily repainted.