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  • Mixed Vintage Lead Soldiers

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    This item consists of four Mixed Vintage Lead Soldier.  They are: 1.625" high thin metal soldier with a raised sword, backpack with bed roll, red shirt, and gold helmet on a 0.875" x 0.125" attached metal stand; a 1.75" unpainted World War I metal soldier in motion with a raised handgun and wearing a metal helmet with brim, knee length pants with wrapped leggings, and belted jacket with outside pockets on 0.625"x 0.5" attached metal stand; a 1.875" unpainted metal Zouave solider running with his gun held out at waist level and dressed in a fez with tassel, short jacket, long vest or sash, knee length pants with wrapped leggings, belt with knife, and backpack on a 1" x 0.5" attached metal stand; and a 2.25" metal British (?) World War I solider with a rifle on his shoulder and wearing a metal helmet, red jacket with outside pockets , blue knee length pants, and wrapped leggings on a 0.875" x 0.375" attached metal stand.  Makers and ages are unknown, although the patina on the lead of three of the soldiers looks old.  All of these Mixed Vintage Lead Soldiers are in Good condition with some wear, such as missing paint or a gap in the lead (on the Zouave soldier's gun and on the British World War I soldier's back leg at the ankle).  Ideal for use in  assemblage or other art projects.