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  • Mixed Lampwork Beads

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    This item consists of 8 Mixed Lampwork Beads in 7 styles and sizes.  Lampwork beads are handmade by blowing or shaping glass over and through a torch, using tools and hand movements to form often intricate designs.  This selection of beads includes: 0.875" (22mm) by 0.5" (13mm) tubular opaque butterscotch colored bed with a spiral black line and three rows of applied glass dots; 0.75" (19mm) by 0.5" (13mm) ovoid vermilion bead with yellow spiral and five clear glass applied dots; 0.8125" (21mm) by 0.75" (19mm) fish-shaped translucent green bead with a silver foil interior and applied fins and dots, including black eyes; 1" (26mm) by 0.5625" (14mm) teardrop-shaped pale orange bead with applied irregular surface dots in black and white glass; two 0.5625" (14mm) by 0.375" (9mm) clear glass round beads with an applied center ring of twisted red and yellow glass; 0.8125" (21mm) by 0.5" (13mm) ovoid opaque yellow bead with red spiral and six applied clear glass dots (includes silver-tone center wire and top ring); and 0.75" (19mm) by 0.3125" (8mm) lozenge-shaped clear glass bead with interior and exterior glass lines in two tones of yellow and red with eight applied black dots.  Makers and ages of the beads are unknown.  All of these Mixed Lampwork Beads are in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.  Ideal for use as feature beads in necklaces or bracelets.