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  • 1988 Miniature Hide with Pictorgraphs by Rainbow Hand

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    This is a 1988 Miniature Hide with Pictographs by Rainbow Hand.  The animal hide, measuring 6" long by 4.5" wide, is entitled "Sioux Pow Wow" and was made by an artist known as Rainbow Hand.  The beautifully detailed pictographs in deep blue, deep red, ochre, deep green, black, and white show Sioux dancers at the center, surrounded by a circle of male drummers, women spectators under umbrellas, men in full headdress on horseback or holding spears or feathered posts, and three teepees decorated with buffalo, moon and sun signs.  There is a thin red line as well as small attachment holes all along the outside edge and an attached thin black tail.  The piece is titled, signed, and dated on back.  It includes the original insert about pictograph art and the artist.  This 1988 Miniature Hide with Pictographs by Rainbow Hand is in Like New.  It was purchased from the original owner.  Ideal framed or for a Western dollhouse.