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  • Mid 19th Century Advertising Circulars

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    This item consists of five Mid 19th Century Advertising Circulars, which include: the opening of a store for the importing and repacking of china, glass, and earthen ware (R. Hawley circular of 1848); the relocation of a store selling staple and fancy dry goods (D.D. Keyes circular of 1848); the buy out of stock from two druggists (Leeds & Hazard circular of 1848); the relocation of a store, the preparation of an almanac, and a notice of the counterfeiting of Dr. J. P. Townsend's Sarsaparilla circular (Clapp & Townsend circular of 1850); and the production of grass scythes adapted to a particular area in Vermont (Wm. Jordan circular of 1850).  All of the circulars measure about 10" high and from 7.875" to 8.5" wide.  All have been printed in black ink on an onionskin type paper in either white or pale blue.  Each has used a variety of typefaces (which add to the visual interest) with hand-written names and dates on back.  (The ink appears brown but may have originally been black.)  Each of these Mid 19th Century Advertising Circulars is in remarkably good condition, given their age, with some staining and changes in paper color.  Wonderful pieces for collage or assemblage.