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  • Mexican Double Headed Jaguar Clay Whistle

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    This handcrafted Mexican Double Headed Jaguar Clay Whistle has both folk art charm and a lively ferocity.  The whistle has two open-mouthed jaguar heads, each with four teeth, pinched nose on a squared snout, carved out eyes and applied oval shaped ears.  The heads are connected below their long necks into a body (with a large hole on top), which becomes the mouthpiece of the whistle as it curves over itself.  The clay is reddish-brown in color and gritty in texture with the surface having been painted in matte deep red and terracotta tones and dotted with a lighter terracotta shade.  The teeth have been painted white.  All of the surfaces have a black "veil."  It is unknown whether this is a paint wash or a result of the firing of the clay.  The whistle measures 8.25" long by 4.5" wide by 2.5" high.  The method for producing sound from the whistle remains a mystery.  Maker and age are unknown.  This Mexican Double Heads Jaguar Clay Whistle is in very good condition.  There is what appears to be an old chip on the edge of the mouthpiece, which may have occurred before firing.