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  • Mercury Glass Heart Ornaments

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    This item consists of four Mercury Glass Heart Ornaments (two in yellow-green glass and two in silver glass) with decorative metal caps in a dark brown antique patina.  Each heart measures 1.5" high (from the base of the heart to the top of the cap) by 1.25" wide and weighs 0.6 ounces.  The ornaments have been molded in two pieces with a side seam and have a mirrored coating inside, which reflects the light.  The yellow-green glass hearts have their original brown metal rings, measuring 0.5" in diameter.  The silver glass hearts have silver ornament replacement rings, measuring 0.375" long by 0.3125" wide.  Manufacturer and age are unknown.  Three of these Mercury Glass Heart Ornaments are in Very Good condition.  One silver glass hearts has a fine scratch inside the mirrored surface.