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  • Japanese Heian Bride Doll by Yoshitoku

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    This is Japanese Heian Bride Doll by Yoshitoku.  During the Heian period (794-1185 CE), an elite beautiful woman had to have long hair, layer after layer of silk robes, a broad brimmed hat with attached veils, and specific make-up routines, which accentuated a pouty mouth, narrow eyes, a thin nose, round apple-cheeks, white painted faces and necks, and "butterfly" eyebrows (shaved natural eyebrows were replaced with misty painted eyebrows that sat high on the forehead).  This doll contains all of these elements, which have been created in beautiful detail and with exquisite craftsmanship.  Standing 7.75" tall, this doll is dressed in several layers of differing brocade fabrics in shades of orange, lavender, turquoise, pink, green and white with gold patterned details.  She wears a black wood wide brimmed hat with a pale green mesh veil, patterned with lighter wave-like curls and darker leaf filled circles. Four off-white knotted strands (two in front and two in back) also hang from her hat.  She has white socks and red and gold banded sandals on her feet.  Her tied black hair reaches her waist and her bangs part at the center to reveal her pale gray butterfly eyebrows.  Her eyes are very narrow, her nose straight, and her lips pouty.  She is attached to a 3"x2.25"x0.3125" black and brown wood stand with rounded corners and a paper label which reads "Japan" and "Bride."  She also has a 8.375" (l)x7.125"(w)x0.3125"(h) black wood base with a Yoshitoku "Dolls of All Kinds/Made in Japan" paper label underneath.  The doll comes in a 9.25"(h)x8"(w)x5.625"(d) wood box with removable lid, which has Japanese writing on the top and on the inside of the lid and another Yoshitoku paper label on the bottom of the box.  The Yoshitoku company, the oldest doll merchant in Tokyo (established in 1711), is known for the fine craftsmanship and quality of its dolls.  Exact age is unknown, but she is a contemporary doll.  This Japanese Heian Bride Doll is in Fair Condition.  While her hair, clothing, and hat  are in Very Good Condition, her face is cracked from ear to ear under her chin.  However, the integrity of the face is not affected and the crack is not readily noticeable.  Her larger platform is slightly warped and her box is water-stained and cracked through the center of the lid.