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  • Indonesian Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppet of Satyaki

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    This is the Indonesian Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppet of Satyaki (also spelled Setyaki and also known as Yuyudhana), measuring 19.125" high by 11" wide (with closed arms) made out of painted and gold leafed buffalo leather (as is traditional).  Satyaki, one of the Mahabharata characters, is a powerful warrior belonging to the Yadava-Vrishni dynasty of Lord Krishna.  He is devoted to Krishna and his best friend Arjuna, with whom he trained under Drona in military arts  He strongly and passionately favors the cause of the Pandavas over the Kauravas in the Kurukshetra War.  In this puppet we see his classic features with a pink face; small eye; long, pointed nose; black decorative moustache; upturned, curly openwork black hair; and bare chest and feet (joined by a pink bar).  He is wearing his traditional attire with a crown-like gold head piece and gold hair decoration with face; triangular floral necklace; black, white and pink checkered cloth with dangling, curved decorations; pink, black and gold leggings with triangular designs; and pink, white, gold and blue-gray arm, wrist and ankle decorations.  He is jointed at the shoulder and the elbow which would have been originally manipulated by sticks attached to both arms and along the center of the body.  Maker and age are unknown.  However, he is very similar to a Setyaki shadow puppet in the East Indies Museum which was made in Central Java.  The wear to the gold suggests that he may have been used at one time.  This Indonesian Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppet of Satyaki is in Very good condition with no damage and minor surface wear.